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Growing Our People

We strive at all times to respect and support local customs wherever we work. At the same time, we are rigorous in applying certain standards in health and safety, human rights and non-discrimination policies.


Caring for Our Environment

At every stage of a mine’s life cycle, we apply best practices in environmental management, guided by national and international standards.


Growing Our Communities

We foster open communication with residents and community leaders, from a project’s earliest development phase, through the mine’s life and after closure.


Growing Responsibly

At New Gold we are committed to contributing to sustainable development wherever we operate by acting ethically and with integrity, and by taking responsibility for the impacts of our decisions and actions on communities and the environment. We consistently apply this approach through the mine life cycle, from early exploration, development, and operation, to decommissioning and mine closure.

Everywhere we operate, we are a significant participant in the local communities, and a major economic contributor. We understand that our success and prosperity depend on our ability to earn the welcome of our host communities and regions – a welcome that comes from our demonstrated respect for local culture, care and concern for the environment, and support for the long-term economic well-being of local communities.